Integration Through Computation, 2011 ACADIA Project Catalog

Date: 2011
Client: n/a
Principal Investigators: Jason S. Johnson, Joshua M. Taron,
Vera Parlac, Branko Kolarevic.
Research Assistants/ Project Team: Michael McGie, Jordan Allen,
Alison MacLachlan
Sponsors: Flatcut, Bentley, ACE-BIM, Ice Edge Business Solutions, Altar, Autodessys, Robert McNeel & Associates, John Wiley & Sons, Routladge, Faculty of Environmental Design University of Calgary, LID Laboratory for Integrative Design
Publications: Integration Through Computation, Project Catalog

Project Description: The ACADIA 2011 Annual Conference project catalog presents experimental projects that explore integrative trajectories and areas of overlap that have emerged through computation between design, its allied disciplines of engineering and construction, and other fields, such as computer science, material science, mathematics and biology. It highlights experimental projects in which methods, processes, and techniques are discovered, appropriated, adapted, and altered from elsewhere, and digitally pursued.