Changing Field


Date: 2014

Client: n/a

Primary Investigator(s): Vera Parlac

Collaborators: n/a

Project Budget: withheld

Project Team: Kalman Babkovic

Sponsors: LID Laboratory for Integrative Design

Publications: “Changing Fields”, in Facing the Future, Exhibition Book, 2nd International Scientific Conference and Exhibition, Gallery of Science & Technology, Belgrade, Serbia, 2014









Project Description: Changing field project is a responsive surface activated by a presence of people. The surface is actuated using non-mechanical actuation (shape memory alloy springs). The movement of the surface is facilitated by employing structural and material behavior of the aggregated surface. The project is part of an ongoing research into kinetic material system with focus on non-mechanical actuation. It proposes an adaptive surface capable of altering its shape and responding to presence of people and flow of information.