FXAT SCREEN: RAIC Festival Pavilion


Date: 2015

Client: RAIC Festival/MBAC

Primary Investigator(s): Jason S. Johnson, Joshua M. Taron

Consultants:Entuitive (Engineering)

Project Budget: $20,000

Research Assistants/ Project Team (Role): Matthew Parker, Logan Armstrong, Christina James, Nicholas Perseo

Funding Agencies/Sponsors: SSHRC, CMLC, MBAC, Meadow Sage Builders, Clark Builders, EVDS University of Calgary

Publications: n/a







Project Description: The Flat Screen TV seeks to reclaim the presence of architecture and its imagery in the public realm. CNC milled opaque plywood panels expose a depth to the otherwise thin planar surfaces revealing lit polyethylene panels beneath. This artificial topography is wrapped around a cantilevered form that addresses both the pedestrian corridor of Stephen Ave directly across and the RAIC Design Hub. A gradient of openings migrate across the form toward the street, concluding with a 14 x 7 foot rear projection screen showing the work of 15 young Canadian architecture firms in the RAIC’s Future Voice: Situating Architecture Exhibition curated by Marc Boutin of MBAC.

Given tight time and budget constraints we deployed a “rough cut” technique that exposed the seams of the panels and the material layers embedded in the marine plywood. This technique produces a contrast between the high definition images projected on the content surface and the rough nature of the milled surfaces.