The Ministers _ Nancy


Date: 2015

Client: Beakerhead

Primary Investigator(s): Jason S. Johnson

Collaborators: Simon Kim, Mariana Ibanez

Project Budget: Withheld

Research Assistants/ Project Team (Role): Christina James (Project Manager), Matthew Parker (Parametric Modeling Lead), Logan Armstrong

Funding Agencies: SSHRC, Canadian Heritage Foundation

Publications: n/a







Project Description: Part of an installation at Beakerhead 2015 called The Ministers, Nancy is an investigation of a self-supporting thin shell structure lit from within. The piece anchored the Beakernight event as an object to draw visitors into the space from the main street. This project was designed in collaboration with Mariana Ibanez and Simon Kim of IK Studio. The design focused on using various types of flat stock plastics to explore the limits of double curvature.

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