Light Shells – Lamp Workshop


Date: 2016

Client: Beakerhead

Primary Investigator(s): Jason S. Johnson

Project Budget: $1500

Research Assistants/ Project Team : Matthew Parker, Christina James, Logan Armstrong, Guy Gardner, Alex Wilton, Kim Tse, Hayden Pattullo

Funding Agencies: SSHRC, Beakerhead

Publications: n/a






Project Description: Light Shells is a continuing exploration into thin shell structural assemblies.  The project team developed a number of strategies based on the surface breakdown techniques from the Sputnik and Nancy prototypes and stitching logics used in prior investigations.  A user interface was developed to allow for versioning of the project through variations in formal logics and surface articulation.

The project team then tested this interface on a number of groups with varying levels of design experience and exposure to generative digital tools.  The results shown here are from a two session workshop held in January of 2016.  The first session asked the 14 participants tasked with making a series of constrained design decisions that generate the lamps and their cut files.  In the second session participants assembled their lamps.  Assembly time varies from 1 hour to the full 3 hours allotted for completion.

Future workshops will introduce more variables into the design process and streamline the assembly to optimize the number of surface to surface connection points.