Date: 2017

Client: Edmonton Arts Council

Primary Investigator(s): Jason S. Johnson, Guy Gardner

Research Assistants/ Project Team :  Hayden Pattullo

Funding Agencies: SSHRC

Status: Proposal






Project Description:

FloQ is a proposal for the Quarters stop of Edmonton’s new Valley Ridge LRT line, which investigates ideas about how we see movement and migration across territories. By utilizing a simple technique of arrayed coloured discs in a flocking pattern above the Quarters transit stop, the signifying letter “Q” can be visible from a number of key perspectives around the site, and then evaporates as users pass through and around the station. We propose this as a metaphor for the ways in which we are changed through our engagement with urban space and its inhabitants, and in turn how we change those spaces through occupation.

The project is composed of a field of brightly coloured discs attached to a grid of thin wires in such a way as to allow the discs to flutter in the wind, reflect light and produce patterns on the spaces around them. The technique is such that we can experiment with various iterations of pattern and symbols in the consultation, design, and fabrication process. FloQ captures the ways in which we move and evolve cities and cultures in response to the one another and the conditions that surround us.