Solium Capital Stock Wall


Date: 2017
Client: Solium
Principal Investigator(s): Jason S. Johnson, Guy Gardner
Project Budget: Withheld
Research Assistants/ Project Team: Kim Tse, JP Hammill,
Hayden Pattullo, Alex Wilton
Funding Agencies: SSHRC
Status: Built

This project was commissioned for a financial services firm in downtown Calgary. The project brief was to create an engaging multidimensional piece to activate the reception area. An iterative process with the client included the development of a number of tools for converting images associated with financial markets, regional landscapes, and symbols of the Canadian west into a large 3-dimensional wall-hanging painting.

Information related to historical performance of commodities and equity markets was embedded into the work through the manipulation of a field of dowels. Robotic arms were used to encode the color matrix and angle variation into the base surface that received these dowels.

The project deploys these techniques to produce multiple readings of the image through what has been described as pareidolia, or the tendency of viewers to perceive different images in patterns and sets of data.