Date: 2017

Client: University of Calgary EVDS / City of Calgary

Primary Investigator(s): Joshua Taron

Project Budget: $50,000

Research Assistants/ Project Team (Role): Seyi Arole, Ivan Au, Kristen Forward, Nicolas Hamel, Kim Tse

Funding Agencies: City of Calgary, SSHRC

Status: Built






Project Description:

Re-think your street.

Furbaniture is the result of a collaboration between the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Environmental Design and the City of Calgary, who both hosted the Walk21 Conference in 2017.  Furbaniture is an example of tactical urbanism, a low-cost way to change the built environment at a street level, intended to change how a street operates, feels, and serves the neighbourhood.

How might Furbaniture impact your street?  How might it impact your neighbourhood?


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Furbaniture diagram set_015 Furbaniture diagram set_016

Furbaniture diagram set_018

Skin Breakdown1 Skin Breakdown2 Skin Breakdown3 combined