Date: 2019
Client: Edmonton Valley Zoo
Principal Investigator(s): Jason S. Johnson, Guy Gardner
Project Budget: $3, 500
Designer: Danielle Kim
Fabrication Team: Guy Gardner, Danielle Kim,
Joy Olagoke, Kim Tse, Zachary Ward, Xuefei Wang
Funding Agencies: Edmonton Valley Zoo / City of Edmonton
Status: Built

Float is an installation that was proposed for the Edmonton Zoo’s Festival of Light. It is an otherworldly experience that makes use of environmentally friendly materials and energy-efficient lighting methods. The installation is an immersive field of swaying, jellyfish-like lamps that are 3D-printed with glow-in-the dark biodegradable plastic. The network of organic forms was parametrically generated and is suspended from above and is illuminated by motion activated LED lights that flicker on and off while visitors wander around this labyrinth of strange, glowing creatures.

The installation of Float is meant to be easily deploy-able and disassembled, and will require minimal maintenance during the festival. Glow in the dark materials and motion activated LED’s eliminate the need for timers or switches. If an LED loses power, it can be easily replaced as the lights are removable and fit snugly in the lamps.