Red Deer Public Water Project

Date: 2019
Client: The City of Red Deer
Principal Investigators: Jason S. Johnson, Guy Gardner
Project Budget: n/a
Project Team: Madisen Killingsworth, Darryl Pollock
Funding Agencies: n/a
Status: Proposal

The aim of the Red Deer Public Water Project was to act as an innovative appendage and drinking fountain for the public that also highlighted the importance of providing access to drinkable water for all. This project took the idea of an all-inclusive water fountain and ran with it – designing a fountain inclusive of humans, animals, and plants. The fountain design used the theme of water as a community connector on a conceptual and practical level, with a parametric form driven by an image of water molecules. The large- scale 3d printed fountain shell would attach to an existing fire hydrant and would provide height relevant basins from which humans, birds, and dogs could drink. The installation would also form insets for potted plants that would be misted by the hydrant water. A truly all-inclusive drinking solution.