Beth Tzedec Jason Johnson Kevin Spaans Kurtis Nishiyama Mahdiar Ghaffarian Michael Ting

Sukkah 2013:

Date: 2013
Client: Beth Tzedec Congregation, Calgary
Principal Investigator: Jason Johnson
Collaborator: Shaul Osadchey
Project Budget: $6000
Project Design/Build Team: Mahdiar Ghaffarian, Micheal Ting (Design & Fabrication) Kurtis Nishiyama, Kevin Spaans (Fabrication)
Funding Agencies: Beth Tzedec Congregation

Each year since 2012 a team of students has worked with the Beth Tzedec Congregation to design and build a sukkah.  A sukkah is a temporary hut constructed for use during the week-long Jewish festival of Sukkot. Students spend a semester designing an building the project in consultation with local Rabbi Shaul Osadchey.  These projects are part of a series of projects that seek out local communities interested in supporting design research in the area of computation and digital fabrication techniques.

This proposal imagines the sukkah as a canyon in the desert and articulates the layering sandstone through a variably spaced series of horizontal planes.  The carved out space allows for inhabiting the sukkah which provides temporary shelter.


Jason Johnson Jodi James Kurtis Nishiyama

AX2011: ACADIA 2011 Exhibit Wall

Date: 2011
Client: ACADIA Conference 2011
Principal Investigator: Jason S. Johnson
Collaborators: FLATCUT_LLC
Project Budget: Withheld
Research Assistants: Jodi James, Kurtis Nishiyama
Funding Agencies: ACADIA, FLATCUT

Design for the ACADIA 2011 Project Exhibit.  Taking cues from localized cloud conditions and weather simulations, this project explores surface definition and articulation through the manipulation of flat stock materials.