Alanna LaRose Alyssa Haas Beth Tzedec Jason Johnson Nadine Vroom

Sukkah 2012: Soupkah

Date: 2012
Client: Beth Tzedec Congregation, Calgary
Principal Investigators: Jason Johnson, Catherine Hamel
Collaborator: Shaul Osadchey
Project Budget: $6000
Project Design/Build Team: Alyssa Haas, Alanna LaRose,
Nadine Vroom
Funding Agencies: Beth Tzedec Congregation
Publications: Avenue Magazine May 21. 2013

Project Description: Each year since 2012 a team of students has worked with the Beth Tzedec Congregation to design and build a sukkah.  A sukkah is a temporary hut constructed for use during the week-long Jewish festival of Sukkot. Students spend a semester designing an building the project in consultation with local Rabbi Shaul Osadchey.  These projects are part of a series of projects that seek out local communities interested in supporting design research in the area of computation and digital fabrication techniques.

“Collaborating with the Beth Tzedec Congregation and Rabbi Shaul Osadchey, students in the Masters of Architecture program worked to design a sukkah — a symbolic shelter in which Jews dwell and dine during the autumn harvest festival of Sukkot to represent the sheltering of the Israelites in the wilderness. Students designed 12 different sukkahs and one was selected for construction. The winning design, called the “soupka,” was created to incorporate the charitable aspect of the holiday and features round holes through which congregation members can deposit cans of soup and other foods to donate to charity. Local children enjoyed the participatory aspect of the design. “

Avenue Magazine May 21. 2013